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Help us elevate our community through a connection with
the ocean

HappyDolphins Surf Intership Cabarete

An ongoing project, we constantly coach the youth of the Cabarete community and Puerto Plata in the sport of surfing; this may be by directly coaching instructors or working through our sister foundations in surf camps or direct mentorship.

Surfing is not only one of the coolest sports in the world for a child to practice.

It also brings many physical and psychological benefits. 

By surfing regularly, children get a full-body workout, as it is one of the most intense cardiovascular sports on water.

The child sees it as a fun time, not as tedious exercise. Surfing is also great for a child's mental health. It offers stress and anxiety release, often common in kids at risk. All of this contributes to the child's overall well-being.

HappyDolphins Surf Intership Cabarete
HappyDolphins Surf Intership Cabarete

happy dolphins teaches kids about

safety in open water,


and encourages them to get to know the beach they are visiting: wave patterns, currents, and what to do in times of uncertainty. A sense of pride grows in the child, as he returns home and tells siblings and parents of his surfing adventure.

HappyDolphins Surf Intership Cabarete
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