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master of
the ocean

a celebration of
sportsmanship and beach culture 
unmatched in the Caribbean,
powered by happy dolphins

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The Master of the Ocean is a unique extreme championship for true water sports athletes, where they showcase their skills and battle over wind and waves in the disciplines of surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP and wingfoil.


Riders fly high and surf while showing versatility, style and power in the amazing setting of Cabarete. Hundreds of visitors, both local and international, join at the beach for the world’s best watermen and waterwomen in action.

The event, founded in 2003, demands the mastery of the five disciplines, crowning the ultimate waterman/woman.

Happy Dolphins proudly powers this extraordinary competition.

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 This event activates the local economy by bringing tourism business and 10K USD

in prize money, promoting sportsmanship, and fomenting intercultural exchange between locals and internationals.


​Cabarete, declared the surf and wind city, offers the perfect conditions that would attract world-class competitors, giving local athletes an opportunity to display their talent on a world stage.

To this day, the Master of the Ocean has attracted ample competitors,

spectators, and media attention from around the globe.

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2024 will mark the 19th edition of Master of The Ocean and is on the calendar for February 22 - 26

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